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Sixth Division Family Treatment Drug Court

The Sixth Division Family Treatment Drug Court gives parents an opportunity to deal with their own addiction issues while dealing with their children's dependency problems.

The Sixth Division Family Treatment Drug Court was created to provide parents of children coming before the court an opportunity to address their substance abuse as they work through dependency issues with their children.

The Court staff, working with the DHS Division of Children and Family Services links participants with chemical dependency treatment, health care, educational and vocational training, and local support groups. Participants share experiences with other parents in the program.

Participants are monitored during the length of the program which is normally 12 to 15 months. This can vary as each participant works the program at their individual pace. With professional services, support group participation, and individual program monitoring, the Family Treatment Drug Court presents a good opportunity to break the cycle of family addiction and to get clean and sober, keys to building a better life for the entire family.