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6th Division Auxiliary Probation Officer Program

Judge Earnest E. Brown, Jr. with the 6th Division Auxiliary Probation Officers and support staff

Responsible individuals helping
youthful offenders get a grasp on reality

Auxiliary probation officers not only provide individualized supervision of compliance with court orders, they mentor, encourage education, and promote positive relationships while emphasizing the necessity of becoming a productive member of society.

The Sixth Division Drug Court Auxiliary Probation Officer Program is a practical application of the juvenile justice goal to rehabilitate youthful offenders and help them become productive members of society. It follows then, that probation, the least restrictive sentencing alternative, when appropriate, is desirable and may be the most productive course of action.

Community-minded people

Experience in Arkansas and other courts in the nation has shown that auxiliary probation officers provide a unique, effective, and personally rewarding approach to the juvenile justice process.

Accordingly, the court welcomes applications from service minded persons 20 years old and older who are willing to devote their time to making a difference in our community and in the lives of young people who need help.

Training provided

Auxiliary probation officers receive formal probation officer training to familiarize them with court procedures, privacy concerns, legal requirements and other details to help them more effectively do their jobs. Those successfully completing the mandatory training are awarded certificates of completion and are designated as auxiliary probation officers of the court.

Auxiliary probation officer requirements

Applicants must meet program requirements to be designated as auxiliary probation officers. These requirements are:

  • Must be 2o years old (19 if you are a college student and a sophomore or above), and have no criminal convictions
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Ability to work confidentially
  • Ability to work with diverse populations
  • Must pass a criminal background check
  • Must pass child maltreatment check
  • Must be capable of passing a drug screen for illegal substances
  • Helping youthful offenders find their ways to productive living may just be the best long-term deterrent to crime. When the problem is solved before adulthood, our communities are well served.

  • May not have a child in the juvenile justice system
  • Must commit to the program for one year
  • Successfully complete initial training
  • articipate in three in-service training seminars per year

How to join the 6th Division Auxiliary Probation Officer program

Click here to download a 6th Division Auxiliary Probation Officer application in pdf format. Click here for an application in Microsoft Word.

Or you can drop by our office in the Jack Jones Juvenile Justice Center, 301 East Second Avenue in Pine Bluff. Or call our office at 870.541.5455 and ask for a form. We can mail or fax your form to you.

Return your completed form to our office by mail or drop it by. We will contact you quickly after receiving your form. The time to act is now.